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What is IPDASi assessment?

Based on the IPDAS checklist published in the BMJ article, Developing a quality criteria framework for patient decision aids: online international Delphi consensus process (BMJ 333:41721, 2006) a new instrument has been developed to assess the quality of decision aids (decision support interventions and technologies). IPDASi enables quality assessment at 10 broad dimensions. Our raters have been trained and calibrated to undertake these assessments.

Related publications

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2006 IPDAS Quality Checklist

What are the benefits of using IPDASi?

IPDASi can:

For further information on the assessment process, download the IPDASi Assessment information leaflet (pdf)

Who is involved?

IPDASi Assessment is based at Cardiff University, Wales, UK. The service is managed by an IPDAS Working Group composed of Professor Glyn Elwyn, Cardiff University; Professor Richard Thomson, University of Newcastle; Dr Mary Politi, Washington University School of Medicine; Professor Nananda Col, Maine Medical Center and Natalie Joseph-Williams, Cardiff University.

IPDASi is operated in collaboration with Decision Laboratory. For more information, visit our site at: www.decisionlaboratory.com

How can I apply?

Send your request to:

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